Board of Directors

Mark Gallagher

Dr. Mark A. Gallagher is a Professor of Practice in operations research at the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) in Dayton, Ohio. Mark has four Snyder-Robinson Syndrome (SRS) brothers (two living) and two SRS nephews. Mark is the guardian of his brother Ted. Mark has served three years as a director on the SRF board before becoming Chair in 2019. Mark also served seven years on the Military Operations Research Society (MORS) board of directors including Vice President for Societal Affairs and is a MORS Fellow. He is currently on the Council for the Military and Security Council and a past Prize Chair for the Institute of Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS). Mark has thirty referred publications. For more information, see

Dr. Mary Jo Kutler is a general pediatrician who founded and served as the medical director of Ahwatukee Pediatrics, PC in Phoenix, Arizona for 26 years. She graduated from NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed her pediatric residency at Phoenix Children’s Hospital / Maricopa Medical Center. She has been active in precepting third and fourth year medical students for their general pediatric rotations since 1994. Mary Jo has a passion for the special needs patient with complicated medical requirements, and as a result her practice included caring for these children. She was known in the community for her expertise, attention to detail and her ability to navigate challenges faced by this unique patient population and their families. She was acutely involved in the care of two brothers with Snyder-Robinson Syndrome for 24 years, and has developed an in-depth understanding of issues faced by SRS patients. Mary Jo is also the Principle Investigator for the Foundation’s Natural History Study, which will help to better characterize and understand SRS.

Dr. Tony Pegg is Evan Pugh Professor of Cellular and Molecular Physiology Emeritus, Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine. He has extensive experience in research into the synthesis, metabolism and functional significance of polyamines. He has published more than 300 papers in this field dating back to the mid-1960s when he characterized all of the enzymes in the mammalian polyamine biosynthetic pathway including spermine synthase, the enzyme defective in SRS. More recently, his laboratory published studies on the structure and mechanism of the human spermine synthase and collaborated with Charles Schwartz in studies showing the defective activity of this enzyme in cells derived from SRS patients and the altered polyamine ratios in these cells. His group also published papers describing the altered physiology in a mouse strain with a chromosomal deletion of part of the X chromosome that includes the gene for spermine synthase.

Dr. Robin Carlson is a clinical research director with demonstrated ability to work with thought leaders and lead/inspire interdisciplinary teams. She has expertise in creating and implementing complex medical device clinical trials in all phases – PMA, 510(k), marketing studies and registries. Robin has a PhD in Operations Research and is experienced in laboratory informatics, biomarkers, endovascular, orthopedic, and cardiovascular medical disciplines. For more information, see

jeff lindeman

Dr. Jeffrey Lindeman is an attorney who specializes in patent law, particularly relating to chemical, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical technologies. Jeff has founded his own law firm where he specializes in patent matters including patent prosecution, litigation and licensing, particularly relating to chemical, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical technologies. His particular area of expertise is patents on crystalline forms of pharmaceuticals, including polymorphs, co-crystals and other crystalline forms. Jeff earned a PhD in Chemistry from the University of South Carolina and JD, law degree, from George University Law Center. He serves as an Adjunct Professor at the American University Washington College of Law. For more information, please see

Tom Dolan

Tom Dolan is currently the CEO of RURO, Inc. and began serving as a director on the SRF board in 2019. Early in his career, Tom was a region-leading sales executive at Bank of America. In 2010, Tom followed his interest in technology for life science, health care and, specifically, rare disease. For the last 9 years, he has been director of sales, then chief operating officer and, now, chief executive at laboratory software provider RURO, Inc. ( Tom’s international work with rare disease organizations has included multi-year projects in China, Italy, Australia and Switzerland, as well as significant operations in the UK, Qatar, Dubai, Egypt, India. For more information, please see

Michael Raymond is the father of a child with SRS. He is a founding member of The Snyder-Robinson Foundation, and has served as its Executive Director since it was formed in 2014. Michael is an attorney and a CPA, and has many years of experience volunteering for various nonprofit organizations. He previously served on the McLean Little League Board of Directors, where he helped start the Challenger Division, which provides opportunities for kids with disabilities to play baseball and softball with their peers.