Researchers & Volunteers

Many contribute to the success of the Snyder Robinson Foundation. We recognize the contributions of the following researchers and volunteers as a tribute to all our collaborators.

2020 SRF Awards

Snyder-Robinson Syndrome Outstanding Researchers

Award Description: The Snyder Robinson Foundation sincerely appreciates the contributions of the scientists and researchers that have, and are, contributing to understanding and developing a treatment for Snyder-Robinson Syndrome. This award recognizes the substantial contribution of researchers in advancing our cause.

>> Winners: Dr. Tracy Murray & Dr. Robert Casero

Dr. Tracy Murray and Dr. Robert Casero, along with their team at Johns Hopkins University, have performed key research that has resulted in a better understanding of polyamine ratios in SRS patient cells.  Importantly, they have demonstrated the ability to rebalance spermidine/spermine ratiosthrough use of an existing FDA approved drug alone or in combination with a spermine mimetic.  The approved pharmaceutical has been used successfully to treat children for another indication.  This work is ongoing and holds promise of treating SRS and related symptoms.

Snyder-Robinson Foundation Outstanding Contributor

Award Description: Many individuals have and continue to contribute to our foundation’s goal to understand and develop a treatment for Snyder-Robinson Syndrome.  Our directors, officers, and members on behalf of those individuals affected with Snyder Robinson Syndrome greatly appreciate all those contributions.  This award recognizes an individual that has made substantial and enduring contributions to our foundation.

>> Winner: Dr. Mary Jo Kutler

Dr. Mary Jo Kutler has made a great impact on the Snyder-Robinson Foundation and our overall understanding of Snyder-Robinson Syndrome through her many contributions. In addition to the key role she plays in the ongoing Natural History Study, she is also responsible for the creation of the Health Care Provider’s tab on our website, which serves as a document for SRS families and doctors to use to better understand SRS.  Dr. Kutler also offers availability to assist other treating physicians with their SRS patients around the world. We are grateful for her generosity and dedication to better the lives of SRS individuals and their families

Snyder-Robinson Foundation Outstanding Volunteer

Award Description: Our foundation is powered by the efforts of volunteers. The directors and officers greatly appreciate the contributions of all our volunteers. This award acknowledges the significant contributions of one volunteer over the past year.

>> Winner: Susan Scott

Susan Scott is always the first person to volunteer when the Foundation needs help. She contributed to the 2020 Virtual Conference as a panel moderator, she actively participates in SRF meetings and events, and she has taken the lead, alongside her husband Ed (who is Team Captain), for the 2021 Million Dollar Bike Ride. She is a dedicated SRS mom to Cooper, and an incredible asset to our Foundation.

Snyder-Robinson Foundation International Collaborator

Award Description: Our foundation represents SRS individuals around the world. We acknowledge the challenges of reaching across national and language boundaries. This award acknowledges the significant contributions of an individual that has significantly improved our outreach in other countries and other languages.

>> Winner: Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor has contributed to the Snyder-Robinson Foundation’s growth on an international level by representing SRF at the Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders (CORD) Conference. He is also actively involved in SRF meetings and events, including the 2020 SRF Virtual Conference, where he took on the role of moderator for a panel of SRS therapists. As a father to Zachary, who is affected by Snyder-Robinson Syndrome, Phil uses both his professional and personal experiences to help the Foundation grow, and we are grateful for his involvement.

Snyder-Robinson Foundation Outstanding Officer

Award Description: A critical group of volunteers is fulfilling key positions in our foundation as officers.  These individuals contribute innumerable hours and effort for us to make progress in understanding and developing a treatment for Snyder-Robinson Syndrome.  The contribution of all our officers is crucial to our success.  This award highlights one officer as a representative of their fellow collaborators.

>> Winner: Christopher Abbott

Chris Abbott is a founding member of the Snyder-Robinson Foundation. From the start, he has generously contributed his time and expertise to better the Foundation through his role as Chief Information Officer. Through his work creating and maintaining the website, participating as a panelist in the 2020 Virtual Conference, and stepping in to help with new foundation initiatives, Chris’s commitment continues to make a great impact. We are grateful to have such a dedicated officer, as well as a dedicated SRS father to Levi, on our team.

Thank you to our researchers and volunteers for your contributions!