Health Care Providers

If you are treating a patient with Snyder-Robinson Syndrome, it’s important to understand the disorder and all of its complexities. With a condition as rare as SRS, the research and literature are constantly updating as we learn more about the medical associations and treatment options for the individuals affected. Please use the following resources as tools to help you, help them.

Medical Management

The most comprehensive medical document citing every known medical issue associated with Snyder-Robinson Syndrome to date, based on the information collected in the Natural History Study. Available in: Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Diagnostic Tools for SRS

A list of steps that can be followed to help determine the diagnosis of Snyder-Robinson Syndrome.

Research Literature

A comprehensive list of peer-reviewed articles describing different Snyder-Robinson Syndrome research findings.

Clinical & Scientific Videos on SRS

A collection of video presentations created by the leading scientists and clinicians of SRS for the 2020 SRF Conference. The videos range in topics, from research findings to clinical advice for treatment. All of the videos can be viewed for free, you just need to register with a username and password to watch.