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2015 SRS Conference Material:

Presentation by Dr. Charles Schwartz


Conference Material Includes a SMS Protein Analysis, Biolog Phenotype MicroArrays (PMM), Explanation of the Spermine Synthase Deficiency, an Interpretation of Biolog Data, and Metabolic Effectors in Patients with SRS.



Presentation by Dr. Roger Stevenson


Dr. Stevenson Describes the History of SRS, Provides a Basic Overview of the Xp22.11 Gene, Shows a Map of Known SRS Patients, and Describes the Clinical Manifestations of SRS.




Presentation by Dr. Emil Alexov


Conference Material Includes the Function and Structure of Spermine Synthase (SMS), Small Molecule Binding Protocols, Dimerization, and Molecule Binding Results.




Presentation by Dr. Mary Jo Kutler


Dr. Kutler Describes the General Phenotype of SRS Patients, Neurology, Opthamology, Pulmonology, GastroIntestinal, Metabolic, Renal, and Other Pediatric Observations.




Presentation by Dr. Angela Fox


Conference Material Focuses on Speech Therapy for Children with SRS.  Specific Topics Include the Role of the Speech-Language Pathologist, Assessment, Intervention, and Augmentive and Alternative Communication (AAC) Systems