November 4, 2018

Snyder-Robinson Foundation Membership

Your SRF membership is incredibly important. Membership is a measure used to show how many people we serve, and the higher that number, the better our chances are at securing grants and funding for research. Becoming a member is an easy and incredibly useful way to contribute to the lives of those affected by Snyder-Robinson Syndrome, plus it’s free. To join SRF as a member, please fill out and submit the form at the bottom of this page. 

Member Benefits: Membership is a way to connect the SRS community across the globe and extend our reach to more families and supporters of the cause. Members receive quarterly newsletters with updates on the Foundation, research findings, and the SRS stars themselves – along with other member benefits that will be announced as they occur. All Members are invited to get involved in fundraising, research, and volunteer opportunities, or to serve as the SRS Advocate for their area. We also plan on creating annual Membership meetings for everyone who joins, as well as access to online content from the 2020 SRF Conference. 

Types of Membership: When you sign up, you will either be considered a Voting Member or an Associate Member. Both Memberships are free of charge.

  • Voting Members include parents/legal guardians and siblings of SRS, carriers, and individuals living with SRS. These individuals are entitled to voting in elections for appointing and removing Directors of the Foundation. They also have the right to approve of any changes to the by-laws. This maintains that those who are personally affected by Snyder-Robinson Syndrome continue to have a strong say in the Foundation’s direction.
  • Associate Members are any of the individuals who do not fall into the categories listed for Voting Members (e.g., friends, medical professionals, relatives who aren’t carriers of SRS, etc.). These members are individuals who support SRF and/or are interested in getting involved. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email


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