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Dear MDBR Team Captains,

The 2016 MDBR Grant Program is now open!  We have now posted the Request for Applications (RFA) on the Orphan Disease Center website, here.   You may use this link to distribute the grant opportunity to those in your network who are interested in applying.  Remember, these grants are open to the international community (not limited to UPenn and CHOP).  Only academic institutions and nonprofit organizations are eligible.

ODC Funding Opportunities | Orphan Disease Center | Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

The mission of the Penn Orphan Disease Center is to facilitate and expedite the development of novel therapies for orphan disorders/diseases. The Center will achieve this mission through innovation of therapeutic strategies and translation of these into the clinic, building on partnerships among investigators, academic institutions, industry, and funding agencies.

The first step in our grant process is to receive Letters of Intent (LOIs).  We request LOIs to make sure the application meets the criteria outlined in the RFA, so the PI doesn’t go through the trouble of preparing a full application if they don’t fulfill the requirements.  We also want to ensure we have adequate reviewers committed based on the number of applications received. Each team has the option of reviewing the LOIs themselves to determine which to invite for full applications.  The purpose of this preliminary review is strictly to determine if the LOI is responsive to the RFA; this is not a merit judgement on the content of the application, which is reserved for peer review of the full applications.

Alternatively, if your team prefers, the Orphan Disease Center will review the LOIs and make this determination on your behalf.  We will then inform you of our final decisions prior to inviting the PIs to submit a full application.  Either option is acceptable to us.

LOIs are due by 8:00 PM EST on Friday, September 16, 2016.  If your team chooses to review these submissions, we will have them to you by Monday, September 19th and will request your feedback no later than 9:00am, Wednesday, September 21st. You are free to have your SAB, or whomever you deem helpful, to assist you with final determinations.  September 21st is a strict, non-flexible deadline so that we may ensure all invitees are notified to begin their full application process right away.  Please let me know if your team would like to review the LOIs, or if you would like the ODC to do so on your behalf.

Again, please distribute the link to the posted RFA here ( to your communities (and beyond) who might be interested in applying.  We will rely on you to pass this opportunity along to your networks, so please be sure to share this far and wide!

Thank you,

Samantha Charleston
Assistant Director
Orphan Disease Center
University of Pennsylvania
Phone: 215-573-6822
Email: [email protected]

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