The Snyder-Robinson Foundations is pleased to announce its 2019 annual award winners. In 2019, SRF introduced an annual awards program to recognize outstanding individuals and their respective contributions to SRF.  Award descriptions and citations follow.


Snyder-Robinson Syndrome Outstanding Researcher

Award Description: The Snyder Robinson Foundation directors, officers, and members on behalf of those individuals affected with Snyder Robinson Syndrome sincerely appreciate the contributions of the scientists and researchers that have and are contributing to understanding and developing treatment for Snyder-Robinson Syndrome. This award recognizes the substantial contribution of a researcher in advancing our cause.

2019 Citation: Dr. Grace Zhai, University of Miami, has lead research that has substantial improved the understanding and impacts of Snyder-Robinson Syndrome. She replicated this genetic disorder in fruit flies and evaluated the impact of various drugs on their performance. Dr. Zhai impressive research laid the foundation for advancing the research into mammals. The Snyder-Robinson Foundation is immensely grateful for Dr. Zhai’s outstanding contributions.


Snyder-Robinson Foundation Outstanding Contributor

Award Description: Many individuals have and continue to contribute to our foundation’s goal to understand and develop a treatment for Snyder-Robinson Syndrome. Our directors, officers, and members on behalf of those individuals affected with Snyder Robinson Syndrome greatly appreciate all those contributions. This award recognizes an individual that have made particular substantial and enduring contributions to our foundation.

2019 Citation: Dr. Cornelius Boerkoel has guided the Snyder Robinson Foundation from its inception. His cogent insights and advice have been and continues to be key to our progress and accomplishments. As the directors and officers of the foundation, on behalf of those individuals affected with Snyder Robinson Syndrome, we acknowledge and thank Dr. Boerkoel for his support and guidance.


Snyder-Robinson Foundation Outstanding Volunteer

Award Description: Our foundation is powered by the efforts of volunteers. The directors and officers greatly appreciate the contributions of all our volunteers. This award acknowledges the significant contributions of one volunteer over the year.

2019 Citation: Ms. Cameron Hancock volunteered as our foundation membership director. She has tracks our members and enables our communications with them. We great appreciate Cameron’s efforts in support our foundation.


Snyder-Robinson Foundation International Collaborator

Award Description: Our foundation represents SRS individuals around the world. We acknowledge the challenges of reaching across national and language boundaries. This award acknowledges the significant contributions of an individual that has significantly improved our outreach in other countries and other languages.

2019 Citation: Ms. Barbara Luif championed and succeeded in having the Snyder-Robinson Foundation recognized as an associate member in the European Organisation for Rare Diseases (EURORDIS).


Snyder-Robinson Foundation Outstanding Officer

Award Description: A critical group of volunteers are fulfilling key position in our foundation as officers. These individuals contribute innumerable hours and effort for us to make progress in understanding and developing a treatment for Snyder-Robinson Syndrome. The contribution of all our officers are crucial to our success. This award highlights one officer as a representative of their fellow collaborators.

2019 Citation: Ms. Teri Koerner is a founding member of the Snyder-Robinson Foundation. She has lead a substantive research effort. Teri recruited and established the Medical and Scientific Advisory Board. Teri is the mother of Brandon and Cody, who are affected with Snyder-Robinson Syndrome. We greatly appreciate Teri’s significant contributions and accomplishments.