Due to the ongoing developments of COVID-19, UPenn’s Orphan Disease Center announced that this year’s Million Dollar Bike Ride is moving from an in-person gathering to a virtual event. Since we will no longer be meeting in Philadelphia on June 13, anyone interested in participating can register as a virtual rider to support Team SRS!

When you register as a virtual rider, you can either choose to do so with or without fundraising. It costs $45 to register WITHOUT fundraising, and $25 to register WITH fundraising (and you must raise $250 by June 13). 100% of registration fees and fundraising goes toward Snyder-Robinson Syndrome research. If we raise $20,000 as a team, UPenn will match all donations.

We understand that this is an incredibly difficult time financially for many. If you aren’t able to contribute or raise money at this time, we completely understand. We appreciate any support we receive in our ongoing efforts to find a cure for SRS.

If you would like to help out and join Team SRS virtually, please register today!