Voting is Now Open for New Board of Directors

Voting is now open until March 18, 2019 to Voting Members to elect the new Board of Directors of the Snyder-Robinson Foundation. All votes must be submitted by email to As a reminder, Voting Members are those of you who signed up for membership as a parent/legal guardian, a sibling, a carrier of SRS, or an individual with SRS and received an email specifying your Voting Member status. If you are not yet a member but fall under one of the previously listed category, please sign up for membership before voting at

The reason for the election is to bring on a new slate of expert professionals to serve on the board as directors to help advance SRF and SRS research. Because we’re switching from a board made up solely of family members, your vote is incredibly important to maintain the input of those who are personally affected by SRS.

The current board has nominated the following 4 individuals to serve as new Directors of the Snyder-Robinson Foundation:

-Tom Dolan: Tom is the CEO of Ruro, Inc., a software company that assists research universities and labs through technology – and generously donated the software that we use for our Natural History Study. His focus as a Director of the SRF Board would be on fundraising for the foundation.

-Jeffrey Lindeman: Jeff is an attorney who specializes in patent law, particularly relating to chemical, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical technologies. His focus as an SRF Director would be on legal matters.

-Dr. Tony Pegg: Tony is a professor of cellular and molecular physiology at Penn State University and one of the world’s leading experts on polyamines (the pathway affected by SRS).

-Mark Gallagher: Mark has been actively involved with Snyder-Robinson Foundation as a family member of individuals living with SRS. He has also been nominated to Chair the Board of Directors.

Please email with your vote on the slate of candidates (email “yes” or “no” to each nominee) between March 4th to March 18th. Also, please vote “yes “or “no” for Mark Gallagher to Chair our Board of Directors. Your vote is completely anonymous and confidential.

Thank you for your input and contribution!

-Cameron Hancock, Director of Membership